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Corporate & Location Photography
By Gary Gladstone
Kodak Pro Workshop Series
Reader Reviews from Photographers...

        A review in Loupe, the newsletter of the Chicago chapter of ASMP, praises Gary Gladstone's new book for demonstrating "how a savvy pro has to think on his feet and improvise to get the job done."

        The book does a lot more than that: with over 25 years of professional experience, Gladstone lets all the cats out of their bags-all the tips, tricks and secrets he's learned on the job. Early reviews and comments have marveled that "he tells it all....he's letting everyone know his secrets."

        In 160 well-illustrated pages that read like "a friendly chat with a fellow pro," Gladstone "tackles the hard questions" (like how to charge for your work, how to submit a bill that gets paid fast and how to find out if the check really is in the mail) and offers "fresh advice [about] solving lighting problems on site, working with the CEO as a portrait subject and how to keep a fresh point-of-view and find unique ways to photograph the same old subjects."

        Not the least of the books benefits is a rundown of how to get ready for the job, how to be totally prepared when you get there and how to solve problems along the way.

        Gladstone "covers a lot of ground-both in photographic and business how-to," says Loupe. "From a technical standpoint, chapters titled Tricks & Hints and Before & After offer Gladstone's insights into solving location challenges.

        "Chapter topics include Road Kit, Taking Your Show on the Road, Location Logistics and Assistants, to mention a few."

        For the aspiring pro, this is a book not to be missed. Gladstone "offers some good fatherly advice to assistants. One chapter includes a long list of things that Gladstone looks for when hiring an assistant" as well as a list of things assistants should never do-like discuss business of any kind with the client.

        "You get the feeling he's trying to steer colleagues, like yourself, away from some of the 'mine fields' that he's found himself in."

        Here in one volume are the lessons taught by years of experience. Gary Gladstone's Corporate & Location Photography is a key to success in the business and the craft.

THE book.
        This is THE book to have for guidance on corporate and location photography. Gladstone is synonymous with the subject and has written a work that is not only thorough and authoritative, but remarkably candid.

        For the price of two rolls of film and processing, photographers can be armed with a secret weapon - the no-holds-barred, common sense strategies of one of the masters of the profession.

...Reviewer: Ken Haas (Author of The Location Photographers Handbook)
Barryville, NY USA

Gary Gladstone has gone above and beyond the call in writing...
        After opening CORPORATE & LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY I could not set it down.

        Experience counts in this business and Gary has communicated that experience to the Nth degree. The chapter showing and telling about his "Road Kit" is worth the price of the book alone. Any photographer worth his salt recognizes the value received exceeds the cost of this book.

...Reviewer: Charles Carstensen from Montrose
Colorado USA

        Gary Gladstone's book Corporate & Location Photography is just......WOW! His careful and generous way of sharing his intensive knowledge of photography, lighting and techniques, and his detailed descriptions of all phases of location and corporate photography is impressive.

        Any photographer from amateur to pro will find this book irreplaceable. It is packed full of ingenious tips, invaluable advice and inspiring, new ideas that every photographer can benefit from.

        This book goes with me EVERYWHERE. Gary, thank you for sharing!.

...Reviewer: Jeanne Apelseth

Great book...
        This book is full of helpful advice, the majority of the content not about how to take Photos, but how to organise your own business practically. There are a lot of excellent photos in this book, of course, accompanied by the small stories filled with the experiences of a real photographer. But what is even more important are examples of contracts, tips to plan your shooting and advice to get through it. I can highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in becoming a corporate photographer and wants to know how to manage.

Leipzig, Germany

Very informative, well illustrated, a must!!!,
        A very informative book especially for people wanting to get into corporate and location work. Starts from the basics on marketing, billing, assistants, and equipment. Excellent photos. Helpful on tips on lighting, working with people, with a sprinkle of humor thrown in throughout the book. A+++.

...Reviewer: A reader
Brownsville, Texas

Best book about Corporate Photography to this date...
        One of the best books of its kind. Pictures are good, text is good, style is good and even the jokes are good. I rarely saw so much useful information put in such a writing style that it just flows. This is a book worth every penny I spent. I wish there would be more like this one. This book is definitely a must for the corporate shooter. Gary shares some secrets that other photographers would have kept for themselves to stay on top of the competition. Very generous.

...Reviewer: Frederic Neema

Excellent work on "how-to's" of corp. and location photos
        Mr. Gladstone's book "Corporate & Location Photography" is an excellent tutorial on the ins and outs of corporate and location photography. From selecting and packing equipment, travelling, setting up on location, and dealing with executives, Mr. Gladstone covers all of the bases. His techniques for dealing with what could be mundane and even boring locations will help any photographer improve their work. Written in a very easy to read first person style, Gladstone teaches his successful approach to dealing with executives and managers alike. Doing the right thing to get the photo made in spite of mechanical problems or people difficulties. Packed with world-class photos and descriptions of the setups, this book is a practical guide to shooting on the road. Included are before and after shots of bad locations made exciting by Gary's approach to photography.

        This work will inspire the reader to try new things on their very next shoot.

        This book should find it's way as a present from anybody that has a photographer on their gift list.

...Reviewer: Bobp@zianet.com
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Awesome book, tons of useful professional information!
        This book tells it like it really is for professional photography done on location. It contains tons of very useful information that is not watered down by the publisher. Even an "old dog" like me learned new "tricks" from reading it. And?the "Mystery Lights" rock! Finally a photo book that has more than a pretty cover.

...Reviewer: Chip Feis
Washington, DC

Unique insight for all "Road Warriors!",
        Worth the price of admission for "mystery lights," and "wrong film." You'll have to read it to know what I refer to!

        Gary's book is chock full of useful information, with an inside view from a corporate photographer's perspective.

        Definitely a must-have!.

...Reviewer: sal@salsessa.com
Dallas, TX

Simply the best instructional photo book on the market today,
        Many times as I looked at your images I asked myself "how'd he do that?". You were one of the very few photographers I couldn't always figure out exactly how the photo was produced. In your book you not only explained in detail how you did it, but what you charged for it. You imparted more information in 160 pages than I gleaned in all my college photography courses and all the books I've studies since that time.

...Reviewer: Terry Clark
Pittsburgh, PA

This book is simply the best of its kind.
        It gives you hard won experience from a photographer at the top of his field. From what (and how) to pack for a travelling assignment, to making sure you get paid on time.

        But not only that, Gary Gladstone gives you the benefit of his creative mind too. How to creatively shoot your way out of tricky situations. Turning potentially hopeless locations into great photographs.

        I got the impression that Gary was trying to include as much as possible in this book. He could have left loads out and it would still have been a good book.

        Just buy it, you wont be sorry. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have wished he had read it at the beginning of his career.

        I found this book so generous with tips, codes of practise and his experience. I felt I had to personally thank the author, and THAT doesn't often happen!.

...Reviewer: Tim Goffe
London United Kingdom

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